DIY Spotlight: Kombucha

(Ben's mini keg, in his living/dining room, and some freshly poured kombucha) I've personally known Ben Miles for going on 8 years. He keeps a variety of hobbies, but this one has got him dreaming of going commercial. With my close friend so interested, I decided to crash a 'booch-making session and see what it's all... Continue Reading →

Local Business Highlight : Mrs. Mango’s in Rockledge, FL

(Anneke - shop owner at Mrs. Mangos) Anneke is the owner of Mrs. Mango's and Company, located in Rockledge, Florida. Founded 32 years ago by her grandmother, this local business has an enchanted garden, unique animals, herbal preparations of all sorts, and more.  I was able to convince Anneke to answer some questions while I was... Continue Reading →

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