Winter is Coming; or why am I S.A.D.?

Seasonal Affective Disorder (or SAD) is estimated to affect at least 10 million Americans each year. It is also estimated that another 10-20% have mild and therefore undiagnosed SAD. Seasonal Affective Disorder is an actual psychological depression that is connected to the seasons changing. This form of depression lasts for specific times of year, not... Continue Reading →


Cannabinoids are the many compounds that make up the cannabis plant, and THC is the most well-known. CBD has already earned its recognition for reducing seizures in those suffering from Epilepsy. It also reduces anxiety, serves as a sleep aid, and so much more. However, CBD is not the only other Cannabinoid worth recognition. The “Carlini... Continue Reading →

Hemp Headlines – CBD In Ohio

CBD OIL ILLEGAL IN OHIO CBD stands for Cannabidiol, which is one of the most abundant cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. Because of its therapeutic attributes, it is legal almost everywhere. Cannabidiol can be manufactured from either marijuana or hemp plants. CBD oil, on its own part has a lot of health benefits which is why... Continue Reading →

Hemp Headlines – 7/27/18

It always surprises me when someone hasn't heard of CBD. I've spoken to many people and the start of the conversation is still mostly "What is that?" It's a natural and extremely helpful part of an equally extremely controversial plant; the Cannabis plant. Hemp Headlines is a weekly informational blog post to help bridge the... Continue Reading →

DIY Spotlight: Kombucha

(Ben's mini keg, in his living/dining room, and some freshly poured kombucha) I've personally known Ben Miles for going on 8 years. He keeps a variety of hobbies, but this one has got him dreaming of going commercial. With my close friend so interested, I decided to crash a 'booch-making session and see what it's all... Continue Reading →

CBD Will Work for YOU!

What does CBD help with? Chronic pain. MS. Arthritis. IBS. Diabetes. Seizures. Nausea. Insomnia. Anxiety. And more. For real! I went over the basic facts about CBD in my first blog post. Now that you’re a little more familiar with what it is, it's time to expand that knowledge further and really talk about why... Continue Reading →

CBD? What is that?

You might have heard, or you might be wondering what I'm even talking about. Either way, this buzzword has been picking up traction; CBD stands for Cannabidiol. It's essentially like an extract you would find at the store like vanilla or almond. According to Medical News Today, "CBD is one of many compounds, known as cannabinoids,... Continue Reading →

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