Hippy Herbs: Yarrow

My green thumb took some time to fully mature, but it finally blossomed to adulthood sometime in the last 7 years. My father’s parents had a vegetable garden in their back yard as far back as my memory can go. They planned seasonal trips to a farmers market in downtown Detroit where I grew up,... Continue Reading →

Local Business Highlight : Mrs. Mango’s in Rockledge, FL

(Anneke - shop owner at Mrs. Mangos) Anneke is the owner of Mrs. Mango's and Company, located in Rockledge, Florida. Founded 32 years ago by her grandmother, this local business has an enchanted garden, unique animals, herbal preparations of all sorts, and more.  I was able to convince Anneke to answer some questions while I was... Continue Reading →

CBD? What is that?

You might have heard, or you might be wondering what I'm even talking about. Either way, this buzzword has been picking up traction; CBD stands for Cannabidiol. It's essentially like an extract you would find at the store like vanilla or almond. According to Medical News Today, "CBD is one of many compounds, known as cannabinoids,... Continue Reading →

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